MAY 12, 2021

Why did we write "LAKE MICHIGAN INVESTIGATIONS", what do we hope to achieve with it, is there a deeper message in those novels and if yes, which?

Glad you ask, here our answers, thoughts and hopes...

To say there are millions of thrillers and whodunnits already out there is not an exaggeration.

Why bother with writing another one?

How dare you!

This particular argument is useless and even counterproductive, as we would have died out long ago as a species with that mindset.

But, now, we’ll take a step back and take a more moderate approach to answer. With over seven billion humans on planet Earth there is a lot of room and demand for new and different novels, especially ones that offer a bit more than just entertainment.

With ONE BODY IN TWO RIVERS we wanted to create a highly entertaining thriller with insight, humor, and thought.

The aim was creating a novel that allows more than one perspective on contemporary issues.

We believe there is not just left or right, progressive or conservative, urban or rural, pro this or anti that.

In all that noise and distraction, the more moderate, deeper, and more nuanced minds tend to get ignored.

We would like to give you that voice in the most entertaining way possible.

Our protagonist is not a Democrat nor a Republican.

There is no contradiction in wanting both freedom and safety.

There is no contradiction in not taking drugs but supporting the legalization of cannabis.

There is no contradiction in criticizing on the one hand a deeply corrupt and morally bankrupt establishment that abuses its power criminally and without consequences, while on the other hand wanting an efficient law enforcement to protect us from criminals and murderers.

Only people with especially sinister agendas make us think that way.

In the Cholly series, we hope to open eyes to more complete and profound views instead of the brainwashing black and white of today's mainstream media that has reduced us to mere minions of governments and lobbyists.

The great achievements of the "age of reason" and "critical thinking" have been abolished by profit and short term monetary gains with terrible consequences for our all futures.

We are running head over heels into a real-life 1984.

Considering the extremely advanced technologies that corrupt power structures can use today, we all face a bleak and disgusting tomorrow, which is terrifyingly similar to what George Orwell foretold.