We don’t have time.

We’re running around from one thing to another.

Right now, copywriting has never been more important. You’ve got limited space and time to make the greatest impact possible. Copywriting is the art of writing in a way that resonates with readers and gets them to take a certain action. The text could be two words, five hundred, or zero. A good copywriter will know what’s required to pair with the design. Think back to the last time you took action because of an advertisement.

Can you remember?

Chances are you were indoctrinated to think a certain way about a product or service over many years. The largest companies in the world train us daily to believe their products can make us sexier, richer, loved, and more. Have you ever wondered how they do that?

Copywriting is about more than just describing a product or service.

Copywriting converts emotion and connects emotion to a product or service.

When done right copywriting is extremely powerful and persuasive.

What is Good Copywriting?

Good copywriting requires knowing the needs of a specific target market audience and addresses how those needs are fulfilled through your product or service. This means you must know exactly who you are writing for.

Step 1:

Determine your Audience How old is your demographic? Gender specific? Where are they located? What are their technology use habits? What core values drive them? And, most importantly, what do they need. The challenge of writing marketing copy well is getting outside of yourself. You must leave the inside, your experiences, your life, and get outside. Copywriting requires you put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Become your customer to understand how to connect with that person. Take health for instance. What would you need to say to someone who cares deeply about their health OR is self conscious about their health and needs reassurance?

Copywriting Technique: Conveying Health

We’re bombarded by images of fit, healthy individuals. The media is telling us how to get a six pack without work, how to look fit and lean and get that summer body with ten minutes of effort a day. We want to feel energized and alive, not run down, unhealthy, and fat. Despite our desire to feel healthy, we struggle with following through. Limited time so we grab fast food. Skipped meals here. Mixed drinks after work. It’s so damn hard to get and stay healthy when their are so many opportunities for pleasurable, unhealthy alternatives! This is why health and wellness is a multi-trillion dollar industry. People want to be healthy and feel healthy. They want to be attractive and know they still got it. So, how can you convey the health, vitality, and youthfulness your product or service brings to an individual? How can your playful, young, light word choice, or strong words convey your message? How much self love can you evoke? Or vibrancy? Or Vitality?

Step 2:

How does X product make people healthier? Copywriting when health is a motivator means showing your prospective customer how they will improve their health, get the body they’ve always desired, get more sex, more looks from those attractive people of the opposite sex, feel more confident, and energized.

Write and Rewrite:

Good copywriting is like any form of writing. You must write and rewrite. It doesn’t matter if you’ve written five words or five hundred. Taking care with your craft of copywriting will lead to your success.

Step 3:

Edit, edit, edit.

A first draft is never a last draft.

I write something and come back to it in a few hours and reread what I’ve written. Writing copy that resonates and sells products well takes time. It’s easy to fall in to the trap of thinking that it requires less skill or knowledge than other forms of writing because of how much more temporary a promotion or advertisement seems than long form writing or even writing a book. But, it takes practice and time to hone your copywriting craft.

Often times I’ll write ten variations of a message and play with words from each to create one final message. This mix and match sort of approach has worked well for me, as it allows me to constantly gauge the tone of words and the complete messaging that I’m sending.