Think back to the last time you took action because of an advertisement.

Can you remember?

Chances are you were indoctrinated to think a certain way about a product or service over many years. The largest companies in the world train us daily to believe their products can make us sexier, richer, loved, and more. Have you ever wondered how they do that? Copywriting is the art of writing in a way that resonates with readers and gets them to take a certain action. The text could be two words, five hundred, or zero.

The art of copywriting is knowing when to write a lot, a little, or let a design serve as the copywriting itself. A good design conveys messaging in and of itself. In addition to volume, copywriting is about word choice. You’ve got limited space and time to make the greatest impact possible.

That means writing, revising, and honing in your messaging to say exactly what you need it to say.

Copywriting is about more than just describing a product or service. Copywriting gets a reader to take action.

What is Good Copywriting?

Good copywriting anticipates the needs of a specific target market audience and addresses how those needs are fulfilled through your product or service. This means you must know exactly who you are writing for.

Step 1:

What does your audience need?

How old is your demographic?

Gender dominant?

Where are they located?

What are their technology use habits?

What core values drive them?

And, most importantly, what do they need?

Copywriting is the art of telling people exactly what you are going to give them, how it’s going to fulfill their need, and then telling people exactly what you just told them. One need people have is being accepted.

Copywriting Technique: Conveying Acceptance

The need to be accepted drives people to buy sports cars, get hair implants, fancy houses, get married, join golf clubs and more. We all need to feel needed and part of a community. Part of our identity is based on the community we are either part of and want to continue being part of, or the community we aspire being accepted by. Conveying acceptance in copywriting means identifying the need your product or service fulfills.

Step 2:

How does X product make people feel accepted by their peers and people they aspire to be like? Joining a golf club makes you feel accepted as someone who has money and leisure time. You’re acknowledged as someone who has “made it” and demands the luxuries of life.

So, what does your product make people feel?

Copywriting is about emotion, and connecting your product or service to emotion. Connect to the core emotion that someone needs satisfied and you’ve sold a product or service.

Write and Rewrite:

Good copywriting means writing and rewriting.

After I’ve put myself in the state of mind of the consumer, I usually write something and let it sit for a bit.

If I come back to it in a few hours when I’ve cooled off and reread what I’ve written and think, “damn, that’s not bad.” I know I’m on to something.

If the messaging doesn’t strike a nerve with me, then I know I’ve missed my mark entirely. Either way, it’s back to the writing board to continue honing in the messaging.

Often times I’ll write ten variations of a message and play with words from each to create one final message. Writing copy that resonates and sells products well takes time.

Step 3:

Edit, edit, edit.

Don’t be content with a first draft.

A first draft is never a last draft.